SEO Ranking Perth Agency: Why Can Your Ranking Drop?

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SEO Ranking Perth Agency: Why Can Your Ranking Drop?

SEO Ranking Perth Agency: Why Can Your Ranking Drop?

A business has great prospect of achieving a customer base if its website ranks high in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Besides, getting to the first page in Google search engine is certainly not a piece of cake. You need to put a lot of effort into it. 

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Why Can Your Ranking Drop?

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First, let’s say you focus on an area like Perth, Western Australia. Moreover, there are many other brands which prove to be competitor for you both in the physical and online world. With the help of an SEO agency in Perth you manage to come to the first page in SERP. However, one fine day you realize that your website is no longer visible in the first, nor in the next!

This is indeed an alarming fact and something which occurs commonly. Furthermore, a drop in ranking is common in SERP. Let find out why your ranking can drop in SERP and what you can do about it.

Why Can Your Ranking Drop?

There are several reasons that could lead to a drop in ranking in SERP. First thing is to ensure that you actually monitor your website rankings regularly to identify when it exactly happened. This could make it easier when trying to find out the reason.

Sometimes, the reason for your ranking to drop may not be your fault. It could be en external factor which you do not have any control over. However, there are ways to work around these factors.

Here are the two reasons for your website ranking to drop even if you had higher SEO ranking with the service of an SEO agency.

  • Changes in the Website

First, a slight change in the design elements or content of your website could result in a significant rank drop. Changing components of your website can impact the variables that Google’s algorithm uses in SERP. A recent change of your website design could most likely be the cause for this unfortunate occurrence.

  • Losing High-quality Links

In second, losing a high quality link could significantly impact your rankings. It could be that the web page that you have linked to is not in existence anymore. Google’s algorithm identifies this and you score low in SERP which puts your way down.

  • Low Quality Links

Next, simply having any link is not going to help you in terms of rankings in SERP. Most businesses agree to a bunch of thousand links for a very low price. These are most probably very low quality links which you should not associate your website with. It is better not to have any links than having low quality ones, which could put your very low in terms of rankings.

  • Tracking the Wrong Rankings

You need to have an updated keyword strategy to rank well in search results. And, gone are the days when users type just a few keywords to find about something on the web. Now users type an entire statement or question to find the relevant answers. So, if your keyword strategy does not address this, then you are doing it all wrong. 

  • The Google ‘dance’

Google search results can vary based on time and location. The search results you see today are not the same you see the next day. Moreover, it can even change from one computer to another, even when checked at the same time. This is what is meant by the Google ‘dance’. In addition, your SEO agency in Perth might give you a report in which your ranking is high, whereas when you search for yourself the results are different.

  • Poor Hosting Services

If you choose a bad hosting company it could impact your entire website. Furthermore, your pages may load slowly that users may leave before even going through what is in it. Over time, this could results in very low rankings in SERP.

  • Google SEO Algorithm Update

Google’ SEO algorithm does no stay the same for long. The company updates in constantly to provide the best results for users searching for answers to their questions. Moreover, if you do not realize this, you will think that the algorithm is the same and not do any changes. Besides, that is why it is important to have a reputed SEO agency to do the work for you.

  • High Competition

Lastlye, competition is unavoidable in any form of business; be it physical or online. The same applies to websites and rankings in SERP. One day your website could list on the first page; but the next day it would have moved to the second. And, you may not have done any changes to your website, so how could this happen? Competitor websites may be have used SEO techniques to go up in rankings.

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Why does your ranking drop?

How to Recover From Rank Drop

The questions is, how can you recover from such a rank drop? Here a few things you and your SEO agency can do to improve your rankings.

  • First, confirm that your rankings have actually dropped by checking your rank tracker’s report/
  • Seconds, audit the website rank drop via tools like SEO rank tracking application.
  • Next, check if there are any new changes to your website, especially in links and metadata. Try to keep them as they were before, or as the SEO agency to re-strategize.
  • Check for any technical issues in your web pages. Examples are accurate title tags, relevant and unique content, relevant internal and external links, etc.
  • Lastly, check the indexing status and ensure that no craw anomalies exist, which prevents Google from crawling and indexing the website.

Final Thoughts

A rank drop in SERP is commonly seen with a lot website these days. Besides, it is nothing to worry about as long as you take the necessary steps to come out of it and get you website back up the ranking. With the assistance of an SEO agency in Perth, you can easily rank your website higher in SERP. 

Get in touch with a renowned Perth SEO agency to make your website rank higher in SERP. We are easily accessible from Hilton and is located 10 minutes from Bibra Lake.

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