Perth’s Digital Kings Best SEO Team

Perth SEO team

Perth’s Digital Kings Best SEO Team

Perth’s Digital Kings Best SEO Team

SEO needs a team of experts, and most organizations realize this fast enough. If you find yourself in this situation, know that Perth’s Digital King’s best SEO team is your best option.

There will be a wide range of SEO requirements since each organization is unique. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all team structure. Because of this, our SEO team has all the professionals you need in one place.

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Perth’s Digital Kings Best SEO Team Members 

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1) SEO Team Lead

Our team’s SEO lead is the guy in charge. The lead is ultimately responsible for steering the department’s efforts in the right direction. 

All leadership positions are a double-edged sword, and this one is no exception. With power comes responsibility. Therefore, we have the best SEO lead to handle any digital marketing challenge.

2) Data Analyst

We have a numbers person in addition to a team leader. In general, this is a role that evaluates the results of our SEO campaigns. For what keywords are our clients rising in the search results? 

It’s important to keep an eye on how many keywords your clientele as a whole rank for you. There is no way for us to tell if someone isn’t monitoring KPIs. So, it makes sense that Perth’s Digital King’s best SEO team includes this person.

3) SEO Strategist

Next, we have the role of strategists. They must keep an eye on industry trends and offer new strategies to help our SEO team succeed.

Our SEO strategists have access to the data collected by the team’s data analyst and provide advice on making adjustments.

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4) SEO Tactician

SEO tacticians are the people who do the job on the ground. A broken link-building effort is an example of this kind of activity. The SEO lead may approve the program, the data analyst identifies target websites, and the strategist will choose how and when to contact those websites as part of the campaign.

Because of this, your SEO strategy run by us will benefit from the joint efforts of all these professionals.

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