How to Make Your Website Number One on Google Search

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How to Make Your Website Number One on Google Search

Websites are completely focused on ranking number one in Google search. However, not every website is capable of getting the top spot. A top Fremantle SEO expert suggests avoiding the below black hat techniques that can weaken your site. Employ a digital marketing expert based in Perth to get your website up in rankings.

Rank number one

Rank number one on Google search

How to Become the Number One Business in Web Searches in Perth

  • Duplicate content

Copying content from another website that ranks higher is not going to do any good in bringing your website up in rankings. In fact, Google is smart enough to detect that the content is not original. Write unique content to help your website rank better in Google search.

  • Cloaking

Cloaking is making Google think that you are relevant different content and direct users towards content that they did not intend to search on. A Digital marketing Bibra Lake expert says that these websites are subjected to penalties and can even be banned from the search engine.

  • Keyword stuffing

Keywords do matter in bringing your website up in rankings. It is the key to internet search in Perth. However, stuffing your content with every keyword possible is not going to be natural. Google will ultimately detect this and your rankings are going to drop. Use keywords in a natural way, where appropriate.

  • Link exchanges

Link exchanges were effective only a decade ago. Now they are mostly low-quality and irrelevant. Google has devised algorithms to detect this and discourage such activity. Focus on buildings links naturally and use SEO in an effective way to get your website rank higher in Google search.

  • Buying links

The top marketing consultants in Perth say links are a determining factor of your Google ranking. Today, there are many ways to buy thousands of links for a few dollars. However, Google’s Penguin Update allows detecting such activity which ultimately lowers your rankings. Always build links naturally and in the correct way.

  • Hidden text

As the name says, hidden text consists of white text on a white background that you cannot see. It’s used for keyword stuffing and to make the text undetectable. However, Google bots can detect these texts and penalize these websites. Ensure your source code and logs do not contain any hidden text.

  • Writing aimed at search engines

Nowadays websites are more focused on ranking on search engines rather than providing valuable information to readers. Many websites copy content or article spinning software and other automated ways to generate text, simply to improve their rankings. Google’s Panda Update is able to detect this type of activity and penalize you for it. Therefore, ensure you write well-researched and relevant content with related images.

How to increase your website ranking

Increase your website ranking

  • Links farms

Link farms consist of a group of websites that solely exists to increase the link popularity of another site through link exchanges. It looks like an ordinary webpage, full of hyperlinks that are completely irrelevant to the website. Google does not like link farms and will trace them and penalize the site. 

  • Low-quality content

Content is king when it comes to ranking higher on Google. Make sure you research well on the subject and write relevant high-quality content with related images. 

  • Over-optimized website

SEO is the best way to improve user experience and increase your rankings. However, over-optimization can do the opposite and hurt your rankings. Therefore, use SEO wisely to make your website rank higher on Google.

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