How Can I Fix Direct Traffic Issues

How Can I Fix Direct Traffic Issues

How can I fix direct traffic issues? Is that what you’ve had on your mind recently? It’s not just you. This issue affects a lot of website owners, but there are methods available to fix it. Let’s tackle the problem one step at a time.

So, what exactly is direct traffic?

To begin, when consumers go to your site by directly entering your URL, they are considered direct visitors. Your website’s recall and branding efforts may indeed improve in proportion to the amount of direct traffic it gets. 

More people are seeing your site, so you have a greater chance of making a sale. However, further analysis of direct traffic is also not possible when this happens. This is because Google Analytics only classifies traffic that cannot be traced as “direct” traffic. Knowing the source of your traffic is usually helpful.

How can I fix direct traffic issues?

Now we are going to answer the question, “How can I fix direct traffic issues?” Check out these suggestions:

1. Verify that no campaigns have been wrongly tagged

For Google Analytics to properly identify the origin of traffic, all of your campaigns must have valid UTM parameters attached.

2. Check for traffic from bots

If you suspect that bot traffic is skewing your results, you may remove it using tools like Google Analytics or Piwik.

3. Look for any mobile problems

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and displays appropriately across a range of mobile devices. Remember that a significant portion of your direct traffic originates from these devices these days.

4. Make sure that your tracking code is correct

A correct installation of your tracking code is necessary on each page of your website. Ad blockers and security programmes shouldn’t interfere with it.

5. Verify the referral exclusion list you have

Check the referral exclusion list in your Google Analytics account to ensure that your website isn’t on the exclusion list of websites.

6. Go through your redirects

Check that all redirects are set up correctly if you have recently modified the URL structure of your website.

7. Make sure to check all of your internal links

Verify that all of your site’s inbound links are active and not directed to any broken pages.

8. Make sure to check your link shorteners

Check that any link shorteners you use on your site are sending users to the intended URLs and aren’t skewing your analytics.

9. Check for the presence of mixed content

Mixed content (non-HTTPS resources loaded via HTTPS) may affect tracking, so be sure your site doesn’t contain any.

The fixes above will give you the answers to “How can I fix direct traffic issues?”


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