Fremantle SEO Agency – What Are Your Content Pillars?

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Fremantle SEO Agency – What Are Your Content Pillars?

Pillar pages and content clusters are the latest additions to the world of SEO. SEO is something that rapidly changes with time. Content pillars were introduced as a new concept to evolve with the new developments in search patterns.

Search algorithms are constantly changing. You need to accommodate you website to move on with the latest trends to bring it to the first page of SERP.

So, what are content pillars? Read on to find out more about this new SEO concept. You can also learn how a Fremantle SEO agency can create a pillar-based content marketing plan to improve SEO.

Content Pillars

About content pillars

What is a Content Pillar?

A pillar is something that supports many other parts. In terms of content, a pillar serves as the main page in a content hierarchy. The pillar contains high-level information that serves as the foundation for the rest of the content pages.

What Are Topic Clusters?

Search trend have changed a lot during the past few years. Users are no longer typing one or two keywords to find information on something or the answers to a question. They are submitting more conversational search queries that are much longer than simply typing in a few keywords. This has made search engines better at giving the exact information that users want.

That is why SEO has not come up with the concept of topic clusters which are elements of the pillar page. 

Topic clusters contain more information in varied forms, linking to the pillar page. The pillar page covers the overall hierarchical information on the topic. The topic clusters go into details on each element of the sub topics in the pillar page and more on the relevant topic.

Why Do Pillars Drive SEO-based Content Writing?

The latest search engine algorithms work by performing a global scan of websites. That means it analyses each web page along with the details in it and its link to other web pages. When there are topic clusters, search engine algorithms find connections between the pages in the cluster. This results in a higher rankings in SERP, due to more related information.

How Does a Pillar Page Strategy Help Your Audience?

A pillar page strategy can help expand your web audience base. Here is how a pillar page strategy helps the reader of your website:

  • It provides relationships between pages which helps readers understand the topic much better.
  • It makes navigation easier as readers can simply click on links to read other related articles.
Content pillars for your website

How do content pillars help your website

How Does a Pillar-based Content Marketing Plan Help Improve SEO

Here is a summary of how a pillar-based content marketing strategy can help your rank higher in SERP.

  • Ease of website navigation.
  • Updated information through refreshing content in the pillar page.
  • Reduces website bounce rate.
  • Increases rankings on Google for a particular topic.
  • Passes link authority from one page to another.

How to Create Content Pillars to Boost SEO

If you also want to work on a pillar-based content strategy you can discuss about it with a Fremantle SEO agency. The following are the steps usually followed in such instances.

  • Identify Your Target Audience 

This involves finding out the types of problems the readers want answers for, what age group they belong, etc. You need to write your content to suit this specific audience.

  • Choose a Content Theme 

The topic clusters are all linked to the content theme chosen for the pillar. Choosing the correct these for the pillar page is vital to rank higher in search engine results.

  • Do Keyword Research and Identify Relevant Keywords

Use keyword research tools to identify the top keywords being searched on the topic. Some keyword research tools to use are Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush, UberSuggest, and

  • Create a Map of Related Topics and Relevant Keywords

List all of the topic clusters and group the keywords you fond above, under each cluster page.

  • Create Content for the Pillar Page

Write the content for the pillar page using the relevant keywords. Remember to link the topic clusters within the pillar page content. Building a strong relationship between the pillar topic and topic clusters is important to rank higher in SERP.

  • Create Content for the Cluster Pages

Write content for the topic clusters. Find a relationship and link each topic cluster to the other cluster pages and the pillar page.

  • Promote Your Content

Create a strategic plan to promote your content. You can do the following:

  • Establish partnerships with other higher ranking website to link content.
  • List backlinks from other relevant websites.
  • Write guests posts for high-authority third-party website and share links.
  • Work with website and social media influencers to boost traffic on your webpage.

Content Creation Using Content Pillars

First write content for the pillar page. Make sure that it provides high-level information on a particular topic. Arrange some of the sub topics so that they can be linked to cluster pages. Thereafter, list down a set of topic clusters. Start working on content creation for the topic clusters and find a relationship to link each cluster page to the pillar page. Ensure to insert a mix of graphics such as images and videos to make the webpage more informative.

Final Words

Content pillars are the latest addition to SEO. Search engines are smart and use advanced algorithms to find out the best answers for user queries. That is why it is essential that you align your SEO strategy to address the pillar-based content marketing plan. This could results in your website ranking higher in SERP.

A Fremantle SEO agency can help you layout a pillar-based content strategy to promote your webpage. A proper plan can help you expand your audience and take your website beyond borders.

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