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As a top Fremantle digital marketing specialist, we offer you expert advice on preparing your online profiles for Christmas.

Whatever kind of business you run, there are things you can do to better to keep your consumers informed.

Christmas Profile Preparation tips by a top Digital Marketing Specialist in Fremantle

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1. Make Your Google My Business Hours More Flexible for the Holiday Season

For your Christmas and New Year opening hours to be shown in the search engine results pages (SERPS), or more precisely, in the knowledge graph for your company, they must be entered into the Google My Business account (GMB).

Furthermore, providing this information to your customers in a timely manner helps ensur they know when to expect a response.

2. Remind Them of Your Christmas Hours on Your Website and Social Media Platforms

Next, every digital marketing specialist advises clients on this topic. Moreover, it is good practice to publish Christmas opening hours on your website, in addition to your Google My Business page. The most logical approach is to include something on your homepage or your contact/about us page, where your hours are generally available. 

As an alternative, you might utilize the “pinned post” feature on your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to notify clients that your business hours will be different than normal.

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3. Keep Your Brand Active Throughout the Holiday Season—even if You Aren’t

Lastly, even if your business is not operating during holidays, scheduling content and social media postings is vital. It is an excellent strategy to keep your brand visible. If you are too busy to manage it yourself, delegate the task to your digital marketing specialist in Fremantle.

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