Digital Marketing Experts in Perth and Mandurah

Digital Marketing Experts in Perth and Mandurah

The world has evolved so much that the use of smart devices has overcome the use of desktops and laptops. Digital marketing experts in Perth and Mandurah keep a close eye on these advancements. You see people carrying their mobile phones and tablets instead of their laptops.

In-line with this development, technology has also evolved to cater the needs of mobile users. That is why there is a significant difference when browsing via mobile and laptop.

The use of mobile devices has inspired a transformation in the way shoppers place orders

By influencing consumer behaviours and boosting expectations for rapid internet access, mobile devices have permanently shaped the way people choose what to purchase. With their powerful smartphones, consumers can do more than simply stay in touch with their loved ones. As a result, they use their mobile devices to do Internet-based research on products and services.

Digital marketing experts in Perth and Mandurah are aware of these trends

Searches executed on mobile devices now outnumber those conducted on desktop computers. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of mobile searches occur while a computer is also present. Mobile devices have become the go-to for consumers in need of instant results or detailed information. Search engine giant Google calls these “moments.”

The difference between mobile SEO and laptop SEO

According to digital marketing experts in Perth and Mandurah, there is a huge difference when searching using a mobile vs. searching using a laptop or desktop. Here are some of the significant differences between the two.

Search results

Google has introduced mobile-first indexing. Therefore, search results of mobiles vs. desktops may not be the exact same. Mobile text results are usually larger with more emphasis on images or videos.

Mobile results will fit about three listings on the screen at once. Laptop screens can fit up to about five results on one screen.

Click-through rate

The click-through rate (CTR) for mobiles dropped significantly compared to laptops. In mobiles, the first position is 24% compared to 14% for the second position. It’s easier to look at individual listings when on mobile. Mobile users also tend to click on other listings due to photos and video thumbnails.

Search results have more space when viewing on laptops. Therefore, you can view multiple results and even multiple sponsored ads on a laptop. Since users can see multiple listings on one page, they usually click on one of them instead of going through the next few pages.

Search layout

Mobile device screens are vertical and smaller than laptops screens. Mobiles show more features like knowledge panels. They also take up more room, moving results further down the search results page which results in more scrolling.

Furthermore, mobiles also feature some exclusive additions such as Find snippets that generally don’t show up in laptop search results.

Search layout in laptops consist of knowledge panels, featured snippets, and ‘people also ask’ sections. These features push organic results further down the page, but not as much as in mobile search results.

Why are Google search results different on mobile?

Google search results break up listings with features including images, because of the limited space on a mobile screen. On the other hand, laptop searches have more time to browse. So, Google search results produce more text-based results in laptops.

Mobile and laptop SEO strategies

Finally, once you identify the differences between mobile and laptop search results, you can implement suitable SEO strategies. Keep the following factors in mind when designing an SEO strategy with a competent digital agency:

1. Create user-friendly design

What this means is that it must be simple and natural to use. User interfaces (UIs) are now ubiquitous in both real-world and digital activities. If you want to provide your users with a pleasant and productive experience, you need to design it such that it intuitively meets their requirements. 

2. Optimize for local SEO with the help of digital marketing experts in Perth and Mandurah

What we call “local SEO” is the process of optimising a website for search engines so that it appears higher in relevant local results. This includes improving your Google rankings so that your company appears in more relevant search results. 

3. Use the right keywords

In search engine optimisation, one of the most crucial processes is selecting the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases. Getting more people to visit your website is important, but you also need to make sure they’re the appropriate people. 

4. Create a fast-loading website

The loading time of a website is crucial to the user experience, SEO, and overall success of a website. In order to attract new visitors and maintain interest among existing ones, it is crucial to enhance the website’s performance. 

Digital marketing experts in Perth and Mandurah can help you with all the above tactics. 

Contact digital marketing experts in Perth and Mandurah for assistance 

Digital marketing experts in Perth and Mandurah will be able to craft the perfect SEO strategy for your website. This will be able to drive sales and grow your business. Contact a reputable digital marketing company today to optimize your website.

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