4 Top Tips for Marketing Your Business.

Marketing your business can often feel like a minefield, with talk of ‘Return on investment’ (ROI), the choice between online and print, different social media platforms – the decisions are endless. But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of 4 top tips to help guide you through the pitfalls to create a successful and cost effective marketing campaign.

Create incredible content.

A healthy blog is an essential online marketing tool for any type of business. Blog posts should make up pages on your website, but we’ll explain why in a moment. The best blog posts are giveaways, by that we mean top tips (just like this article!), alternative uses for products, case studies, etc. that grab your audience’s attention and gives them new and valuable information to take away. Once you’ve written your compelling article full of great content, you can easily and quickly share it across all your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.). This means that not only does your blog post reach all of your followers and their friends/connections, but it also gives them an easy click-through to your website and an opportunity to ‘share’ and do a bit of marketing on your behalf! If a consumer reads one great article on your website, chances are they’ll take an extra couple of minutes to take a look at what you do and what other valuable information you’re giving away! The goal is to become a respected and trusted leader of your sector by what you’re creating and sharing.

Sign up to ‘Google My Business’

When using a search engine to find a particular business, product or service, 89% of people in the UK use Google. The importance of being at the top of the search pages on Google is something that has been talked about a lot in recent years, but not everyone is taking advantage of ‘Google My Business’. This fantastic free service shows your location on Google searches, Google+ and ‘Maps’, meaning consumers can find your business easily and quickly, even if they were just browsing your local area on the map!

Write an article, not an advert

As well as online content, reach out to magazines that focus on your sector. Trade magazines are often very expensive to advertise in, yet many will accept guest articles and contributions for free. Although it means you’ve got to write a compelling and interesting article, you can get your message across and some exposure for your business for free, and surely that’s got to be worthwhile!

Get out there and network!

Whilst online platforms are a great way to get your message across to consumers at any time of day or night, face-to-face networking is still a great way of creating connections, especially if you sell B2B. Not only will people remember your face and friendly demeanour more than the pretty picture you posted on Facebook last week, but they will also be more compelled to do business with you, as ultimately, people buy from people!

However you market your business, if you can give something away for free (even if it’s just advice, tips and tricks or a promotion) you will instantly create a connection with your customer base. If potential customers see your business as a hub of information that you’re willing to give away for free, not only will they be content (let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie!) but they will also assume your key product/service must be really worthwhile and will be compelled to buy from you.